MY BESTFRIEND story by- Bamidele Faith

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Image result for MY LOVE CHRONICLES IS my best friend

Disclaimer: its a fiction as nothing of sort happened to me or someone I know, if perhaps you
feel it has happened to you or someone you know, its just a mere coincidence!
I love you and your comments would be greatly appreciate.

Part 1

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I walked into Bch 201 class this very day, after trekking from school gate to science complex, I was so tired! I checked time on my wrist watch,its just few minutes past seven and the class was already filled up,I sighed silently shey these ones don’t sleep at home ni I thought to myself.

I walked past few friends n greeted them,and asked for space but as always, someone invisible is there. I continued my journey and tapped this cute looking guy that has small space beside him,’can I sit here? I asked softly with my innocent voice,

Him: my friend is coming tho but we can manage.

Me: oh thank u very much, I’ll manage   (like I have choice sef)

But then, this boy has been staring at me like he knows me somewhere, I wanted to ask him if he knows me but then I didn’t want to loose my seat

The friend came at last and then he told his friend there was no space, I was surprised n he gave me that ‘don’t talk smile’  his friend actually vexed and he helped his friend find space at the back and came back to our space,

Him: I don’t want to inconvenience you,you’re too beautiful to be inconvenienced,he giggled.


Me:  eh eh, I smiled and said thank u very much, I’m honoured (in my mind’ oti gba penalty wo throwing,relationship was the last thing on mind,even tho u fine like kizz Daniel, he dinnur concern me)

Lecturer finally entered breaking our about to start conversation and it was Dr Dayo we obviously don’t want to be sent out so we maintained decorum

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